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Great Picture Book of the World War - Vol. 3 

Superb World War I - Photographic history.

Of all the photo books published over the last 100 years in an attempt to depict the history of the
First World War, none come close to matching the graphic content or objectivity
of this magnificent volume German photographic history of World War I.

The volume has a total of OVER 400 huge pages and 2464 photos, drawings,
charts etc.
(many full-page size) that document WW1 as no other book ever has!

The great bulk of the graphic material in this rare book is not available elsewhere.
It constitutes the single greatest photographic record of World War I from any side.

It features theaters of operations in 10 chapters from the USA, to Europa, Romania to the Holy Land and Colonies and the naval warfare with destroyers, submarines, cruisers, war ships, U-Boats etc..


  • 408 pages, 2464 b/w illustrations

In very good exterior and very good interior condition.
With the rare Original Dust Jacket included, which is lightly chipped and edgeworn. One index page creased, occasionally finger stained at margins, otherwise ok with minor traces of use and age.

All pages are complete and tight in the binding.

Approx/Measurements: 12" x 14-1/2"  ~8.6 lbs.

Published in Munich, Germany
in 1919

The ten chapters are:
VERDUN / SOMME 1916 [150 photos]

VERDUN: Marville, Réville, Etain, Azannes, at Louvemont, Douaumont, Fort Douaumont, Caillette Forest, between Fleury and Thiaumont, Fleury, Fort Vaux, Thiaumont, Cumieres, Malancourt, Haucourt, altitude 304, altitude 295, Morthomme, with Numerous battlefield recordings, artillery balloon recordings, aerial photographs (Fort Douaumont, Fleury, Thiaumont), maps, trenches, demolitions, ...

 SOMME: Péronne, Bapaume, Roye, pres Boiselle, at Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison, Thiepval, Montauban, Combles, Clery, Morval, Dompierre, with numerous battlefields, tanks, aerial photographs, maps, trenches, demolitions, ...


The Eastern Front 1915/16 [150 photos]

Figurative documentation of German and Austrian- hungarian campaigns in the areas:

Galicia, Plowow, Zwinin, Koziowa, Makowka, Orawa Valley, Klewa, Stryi, Chatki, Brzezany, Zlota Lpia, Tudynka, Plotycza, Zurawno, Dniester, Rohatyn, Siemikowce, Sasnow, Stryi, Archangelsk, Reval, Pernau , Riga, Dunamunde (with aerial view of the fortress), Kurland, Dünaburg, Düna, Narotschsee, Slonim, Baranowitschi, Pinsk, Luck, Buczaz, Czernowitz, Kowel, Volhynia, Tarnopol, Kisielin, Jakobeny, Kirlibaba, Karpathen, Dorna Watra ....


Romania [120 photos]

Figurative documentation of German and Austrian- Hungarian Combat operations in the areas.

Prilopsattel, Jakopeny, Warsaw, Bucharest, Kronstadt, Hermannstadt, Siebenbürgen, several pictures of the Voland and Szurduk pass. The pictures are taken from the Predealpass, Sinaia, Campina, Donau-Ufer, Dobrudscha, Donaukampfschiffe (Also with turkish artillery in action), Kostanza (also burning), Cernavoda, Fetesci, Macin, Tulcea, Wallachia, Serethfront, Ramnicu-Valcea, Jiutal with Craiova (panorama view), Ploesci, pictures from the conquered Bucharest (also pictures of forts, including aerial photo), Putna valley ....

....... and many shots of artillery and infantry, destruction, etc.


Behind the fronts [120 photos]

Figurative documentation of German stages, hospitals, supplies / rest and rest camps in the occupied areas.

Vosges, Péronne, Snaeskerke, Ostend, Messieres, Lida, Brest-Litovsk, Suwalki, Isonzo, Willerval, Laon, ...

... with many additional shots of material, provisions and supply, etc. ...

... many shots are classified without specific characteristics, but they are nevertheless assigned to certain front features, using typical features (such as the Vosges forest).


Upper Italy / Colonies [170 photos]

Image documentation of the operations of the German and Austro-Hungarian Army in the areas:
Ukraine, Estonia, Livonia: Kamanec-Podoljsky, Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, Sund, Dunn, Minsk,
Finland: Hango, between Hango - Helfingfors, Fort Sweaborg, Wiborg, Helfingfors,

Italy: (extensive) 12. Isonzo Battle, Tolmein, Flitsch, Gorizia, Veneto, Monfalcone, Cividale, Gemona, Udine, Tagliamento, Codroipo, Livenza, Piave, Cesana, Ponte de Piave, Lago S. Croce, Conegliano, Pordenone, Feltre, Belluno, Vittorio, Primola Reservoir, Cima del Campo, Armored Plant Chiusaforte, Chiusaforte, Assa Gorge, Asiago, Cortina D'Ampezzo,

German colonies:
Tsingtau, Japanese fortifications, trenches, Iltis fort, Iltis mountain, moat and drainage of a Tsingtau fort, destroyed positions, warships, group photographs of the heroes of Tsingtau, Ehrenfriedhof.

German-East Africa: (comprehensive) Schutztruppe in front of Askari-Kaserne in Tanga and in Daressalam, harbor, driveway engl. Landing groups in Tanga, Bagamojo, Tabora, Kilimatinde, Muanza (Fort), Usambara railway, Bay of Kigoma, Lake Njassa, aerial view of the defenses at Udjidji-Kigoma, German fortified blockhouse. Artillery in the bush battle, engl. Panzerwagen, Positions, German Lance Readers + Camel Reef Corps, Swakopmund, Luderitz Bay, Windhoek, Keetmannshoop and Fortress, Johann-Albrechts-Höhe, Kalahari, meeting of the Governor Dr. Seitz with General Botha at Km 50, recordings of the negotiations, aerial photo of a German airman attack on a German air force. Camp, captured Berline in Pretoria, .... Cameroon, Garua, Buea, Duala.

... with many additional shots of infantry and artillery items, attacks, destroyed installations, cities, villages, bridges, forts, ships, etc ...


The conclusion of the war in the East  [180 photos]

Galicia, Bucovina, Brzrzani, Zlota Gora, Tarnopol, Halicz, Carpathian, Dniester, Stanislau, Horodenka, Kuty, Nadworna, Kolomea, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Panzerzug, Punta Seaca, near Focsani, Riga, Dünamunde + Forts, Jakobstadt, Oesel, Wenden , Düna, Aa, Osel, Arensburg, Wilna, Yassyolda, pictures of the Russian Revolution, street battles .....

..... artillery and infantry, destruction, etc.

Italy / Balkans  [160 photos]

Image documentation of the operations of the German and Austro-Hungarian Army in the areas:

South Tyrol / Italy: Rovreit (Rovereto), Trento, Levico, Borgo castles, Roncegno fortress, Monte Coston, Punta Corbin marsh, Monte Cengione, Suganatal fortress, Monte Verena fortress, Campolongo fortress, Astachtal, Piazza, San Pietro, Asiago, Arfiero, Campomolon, Gorizia, Isonzo, Canale, Monte S. Gabriele, Bainsizza High, Montesanto, Tolmein, Mount Krn, Mrzli Vrh,

Adriatic: submarines, watercraft, Italian submarine hunting boats
Macedonia: Sdruga, Tachynosee, attack at Monastir
Greece: Kavala, Thessaloniki, Patras, Kanea (Crete), Phaleron, Larissa.

... with many additional shots of infantry and artillery positions, attacks, destroyed installations, cities, villages, bridges, forts, sunk ships, etc ...


Naval War / America / Far East  [280 photos]

Figurative documentation of the operations of the German army in the areas:
Colonies: Mora, Dt. Biao, Fort Dume, Destroyed German Blockhouse at Garua, French in front of the German blockhouse (fortress) YokoTogo, Lome, radio station Kamina, Atakpama, Bassari, Friedrich- Wilhelmshafen, Simpson harbor, Rabaul, Herbertshöhe, Samoa, Apia, Mulivai, Ponape, Truk, Palau, Jaluit, Nauru, Saipan,

U-boat war: recordings of countless submarine commanders, various recordings (including command missions) of submarines, torpedoes, dungeons, wrecks, rescued prisoners, sea-mines, naval foes, Seaplanes
USA: After the declaration of war in New York's streets, "battle ships" Lousitania, Nevada, New York, promotional posters,

Mesopotana: Amanus mountains, stage station on the Baghdad railway, Turkish recruits in the Taurus, Bedouins, Euphrates near Djerablis, Tigris mines, Kut el Amara, English trenches on the Tigris, Baghdad,

Palestine: at Jordan, Beirut, Haleb Castle in Aleppo, eng. Kamelkarawane, German field kitchen at the front, German submarine in Jaffa, Turkish cavalry at Gaza, turkish artillery in combat, gef. English at Gaza, Jerusalem,

Caucasus front: Erzurem, Russian generals, Tbilisi,

... with many recordings of infantry and artillery positions, attacks, destroyed installations, cities, villages, bridges, forts, sunk ships, etc ...


The West Front 1917/1918  [300 photos] 

Beaulieu, Coucy le Chateau, Chateau Hamm, Bapaume, Lassigny, between Nesle and Ham, Bixschoote, Becelaere, Paschendaele, Channel Comines-Ypres, Kemmelberg, Roisel, Arras, Armentieres, Blankaart-Etang Dixmuiden, Lens, Driegracht, Albert, Biache -St. Baast, St. Eloi, St. Quentin, La Fére, Reims, Butte de Mesnil, Chemin des Dames, Ripont, Auberive, Craonne, Kanonenberg, Verdun, Etain, Morthomme, Beaumont, Ham, Montidier, Maeuil, Kemmel, Berry au Bourg, Brimont, Fort St. Thierry, Laon, Fort Condé / Soissons, Noyon, Soissons, Mont Notre Dame, Vincelles, Chatteau Pinon, Paris ("Ferngeschütz"), Hartmannweilerkopf, Mulhouse, Ölenberg, Hattonchatel, Vesle Valley near Fére Tardenois, Douai, Fins ...
.... tanks, attacks, artillery, demolitions, trenches, aerial photographs .....


The last volume (No. 30) of the series with hundreds of recordings as well as illustrations of war bonds, vivat bands, propaganda posters of World War One.A very interesting propaganda material and caricatures, and in the end the "death" display of the German Reich as a peace treaty.


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