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This lavishly illustrated book is devoted to Natangia, the old baltic area where German colonists settled near the vistula lagoon at the baltic sea. Today the Ostpreussen area is half polish, half russian.

The wonderful book is depicting old German settlement and life as it was in the 1930s and 1940s
prior war destruction in 1945.

Depicted are:
Grunau; landscape near Karben; Heiligenbeil; Rosenberg; Balga; Kahlholz; Deutsch Thierau; Schreinen; near Bregden; Gut Gerlachsdorf; near Groß-Rodersdorf; Eisenberg; Bladiau; Brandenburg; Korschenruh; Hasselpusch; street near Schonwalde; Mungen; Kolmisch Gedau; Lichtenfeld; Tiefensee; Zinten; Tharau; near Perwilten; eKilgis Castle; Kreuzburg; Abschwangen; Uderwangen; Groß-Waldeck; Muhlhausen; Knauten; Graventhien; Preussich Eylau; pine tree near Warschkeiten; manor house Loschen; field at Schmoditten; harvesting at Naunienen and Landsberg; Gorken; Waldkeim; Topprienen; Klein-Dexen; Military training area Stablack; near Sodehnen; near Wildenhoff; Kanditten; Wildenhoff; Landsberg; Gross-Peisten; Albrechtsdorf; Bartenstein; Wicken; Schonbruch; Gross-Saalau; Galben; Domnau; Zehlau-Bruch; Schwonau; Dommelkeim; near manor house Wommen; Friedland; Gross-Wohnsdorf; Klein Schonau; Auglitten; Allenburg; Schallen; Gross-Engelau; Wehlau; etc. etc.


  • ~80 pages
  • German text
  • 144 b/w photos

In fine exterior and very good interior condition
Some text markings in the rear, otherwise ok.

All pages are complete and tight in the binding.

Approx/Measurements: 10-3/4" x 7-3/4"  ~0.8 lbs.

Published by History House in East Frisia in 1987



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