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Arabia and Syria

The Landscape / Architecture / Life Of The People

A very beautiful photographic record of full page photographs (in high quality photo gravure technique)
 featuring topography, remarkable sites, architecture and people of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq,
Kuwait, Mesopotamia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Covering many famous places from north like Diyarbekir in
Turkey or Aleppo in Syria to the arabian peninsula in the South like Sana'a or Mocha in Yemen to the east
like Muscat in the Oman.

This precious book was not affordable by too many people at that time.
And there is no other book of that time which comes close to the printing quality of that title.

The photographs are by famous photographers Lehnert and Landrock and Dr. Karl Gröber!

Photographs titled in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

From the series "Orbis Terrarum" , a series of early photobooks portraying the regions of the world.

Note: Shipping to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is no problem! You are welcome!

322 pages, german text

- 304 sepia photos in rotogravure printing
- 18 pages introduction and index of photographs
- 1 map of Palestine
- 1 map of Arabia

- Gilt lettering and decoration

In good exterior and good interior condition.
With the rare Original Dust Jacket included, which is damaged and lacking larger parts.
Tail of spine lightly crushed, 3 leaves cut out from the binding and laid in in the rear of the book. Occasional pencil underlining to intro text. Faint foxing to edges and occasionally to page margins, otherwise ok. 

Approx/Measurements: 12-1/4" x 9-3/4"  ~3.8 lbs.

from Dr. Karl Grober and Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo
Published by Ernst Wasmuth A.G., Berlin 1925

Table of Contents:

Jerusalem - Citadel, Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Place of the Temple, Church of the Holy Sepulchre,
Valley of the Kidron, Castle of David, Patriarch's Pool, Chapel of the Agony of the Virgin, Golgatha, Chapel of
the Invention of the Cross, Gordon's Grave of Christ, Chamber of the Last Supper, Dome of the Rock, Dome of
the Chain, El Aksa Mosque, Golden Gate, Wailing Place of the Jews, Gate of Herod, Via dolorosa, Ecce Homo-
Arch, Gate of St. Stephen, Dung Gate, Damascus Gate, Gate of Zion, Church of the Tomb of the Virgin,
Jacob's Tomb, Pool of Siloah, Garden of Gethsemane, Chapel of the Ascension, Valley of Johoshaphat, Tomb
of Absalom, Grotto of St. James, City Wall, Grotto of Jeremiah;
Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity, Birthplace
of Christ; Tomb of Rachel; Pools of Solomon; Artas; Gardens of Solomon; Bethany; Hebron - Haram; Gaza;
El-Arish Oasis; Desert of Judah; Khan; Mount Quarantana; Nebi Musa - Tomb of Moses; The Jordan - Place
of Christ's baptism; Jericho; Dead Sea - El-Kerak; Ma'an; Gerasa; Transjordania; Wadi en-Nar; Mar Saba -
Monastery Church, Tower of Eudoxia, Chrysorrhoa's Chapel; Nabulus - Chan, Chapel of the Rijal el'Amud; Jenin; 
Jacob's Well; Samaria - Herod's Hippodrome, Ruins of Herod's Palace, Ruins of the Church of St. John,
Mosque in the former Crusaders' Church; Hauran; Cana; Nazareth - Church of the Annunciation, Mary's Well;
Capernaum; Tower of Ramleh; Mount Tabor; Tiberias; Scene of the Sermon on the Mount; Lake of
Gennesaret - Magdala, Place where the Five Thousand were fed; Mount Carmel - Grotto of Jeremiah; Acre -
Casemates; Jaffa; Mschatta; Hoesn Suleiman; Tyre; Sidon - Kalaat el-Bahr, Kalaat el-Mu'ezzeh; Beirut;
Lebanon; Damascus - Omaiyade Mosque, Tomb of Saladin, Mosque of Sultan Selim, Grave of Fatima;
Baalbek - The Great Stone, Acropolis, Temple of the Sun, Temple of Jupiter; Tripoli; Aleppo - Citadel;
Palmyra; Diyarbekir - Great Mosque; Chidr Elias; Urfa; Tigris; Hisn Kef; Arbela; Takrit; Halebiye; Euphrates;
Babylon - Ishtar Gate; Assur - Jebel Chanuke, Zikurat; Birs - The Borsippa of the Ancients; Nimrud;
Nebi Yunus - Mosque of Jonah; Mosul; Hatra; Kerkuk - Coloured stone mosque; Samarra; Ctesiphon; Kerbela -
Mosque of Sidna Husein; Sheikh Adi; Baghdad; Muscat; Kuwait City; Radaa; Garriye el Galil; Sanaa - El Djose
garden; al-Hajar; Mocha; Medina - Tomb of the Prophet; Taiz; Mecca - Pilgrims before the Kaaba; Jeddah;
Mount Sinai - Jebel Musa, Sinai Monastery, Monastery of St. Catherine, Chapel of the Burning Bush,
Confession Steps; Arabian Desert - Wadi el Hsa; Petra - Rock Tombs.

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